Alaska Football League
Alaska Football League
Alaska Football League
Alaska Football League
Alaska Football League
Alaska Football League
Alaska Football League


The Alaska Football League will regulate and promote the highest level of amateur football in order to provide athletes an opportunity to develop and advance their football careers. The AFL will strive to provide family entertainment while encouraging competitiveness and exercising sportsmanship.

AFL 101

The AFL rules shall be based on the NCAA rules except as modified by the AFL.

The AFL is played with 9 men on offense and defense

The Offense must have 5 players on the line of scrimmage

The Defense must have 3 players on the defensive line

The field dimensions are 55x100 yards with 10 yard endzones

The AFL timekeeping will be 15 minute running quarters, stop time last minute of each half.

AFL Scoring; Touchdown: Six (6) points, Safety: Two (2) points, Field Goal (3) points, PAT From the 3 yard line by running/passing: One (1) point. PAT from the 10 yard line by running/passing: Two (2) points, Returned PAT by defense to Team A’s end zone: Two (2) points

Overtime: each possession starts at the fifty (50) yard line Team A has four downs to score a Touchdown or gain as many yards as possible. If score Team A then has the option of going for one (1) or two (2) extra point(s). Team B will then have the same opportunity to either tie or beat Team A’s score or yardage gained. If unsuccessful, then Team A wins the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked. If you have a question not answered below please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help:

Contact Us
  • How can I contact The Alaska Football League?

    Click on the "Contact Us" button above or give us a call at 907-717-5700

  • Who runs The Alaska Football League?

    The Alaska Football League staff is comprised of Owner, Abe Hernandez and Executive Director Bob Lee. Please see staff section for full details on other AFL staff

  • What is the history of The Football League?

    The Alaska Football League was formed in 2008 to be the developmental league for the Alaska Wild of the Indoor Football League. In 2010 AK Air It Out indoor flag football for men and women and the Far North Women's outdoor Flag Football joined the umbrella of the AFL.

  • What does The Alaska Football League stand for?

    Please see the Mission Statement

  • How can I find out about working or volunteering for the Alaska Football League?

    Any positions currently available are displayed in our job opportunities section where further details are available.

  • When does the season start and finish?

    The Alaska Football League has three divisions. The Gridiron division (tackle) season starts in August. The Far North Division is the outdoor flag football league for men and women that also starts in August. The AK Air It Out Indoor flag for men and women starts in January.

  • What are the team and player fees?

    Player fees for the flag divisions average around $100 but does not include team jersey. Player fees for the tackle division average around $100, but does not include, team uniform or football equipment.

  • I am interested in sponsorship opportunities with the Alaska Football League. Who do I contact?

    Please contact the following: Abe Hernandez League Owner 907-717-5700